Channel of Love

The Believers' power and authority through Christ. 

Alive in Christ Jesus

A powerful teaching on angels as well as an actual recording of angelic singing!

Angelic Song: The Music of Heaven

A powerful teaching on spiritual warfare and being equipped spiritually for the Kingdom.

The Army of God

Dr. Joan teaches on the miraculous power of God.  (Actual miracles happen on the recording!)

Believe in Miracles

Do you want to pray and see notable miracles? This series will teach, inspire & equip you!

By His Stripes You Are Healed.  (SERIES)

Preparing and equipping you for ministry works.  Many treasures are packed into this amazing School.

Covenant School of Ministry.  (SERIES)

Are you moving at full potential in God?  Understand the barriers that keep you from loving unconditionally.

Faith, Hope & Love

Do you want that "early salvation" fire in your life perpetually?  This teaching will help you stay on fire for God!

The Fire of God

Dr. Joan shares a vision she received from the Father.  Prepare yourself for the next move of God.

Get Ready America

Learn to go from "glory-to-glory" getting stronger and always increasing.

The Glory of God

Knowing how to stay in God's Presence and experience a stronger anointing on our lives is VITAL to Kingdom advancement.

God's Presence, Power & Glory. (SERIES)

God delights to give you the desires of your heart.  Learn how to walk in Divine Favor.

God's Promises

A powerful recording containing scriptures on healing and faith, with music behind it.  Very encouraging!

Healing Scriptures

Dr. Joan's Throneroom visitation testimony and teachings on how to truly know God.

The Heart of God

As you learn to truly abide in the Spirit, you'll be able to walk daily in the supernatural!

The Holy Spirit and Power

Companion to the "Let's Go Fishing" book, this power series equips you for everyday evangelism.

Holy Spirit School of Evangelism.  (SERIES)

Experience an "open Heaven" from God.  See notable miracles, healings and salvations from your life.  This school teaches you how.

Holy Spirit School of The Supernatural.  (SERIES)

Dynamic transformation only comes from God!  Joan's story will shock you, inspire you and challenge you in new ways.

Joan's Testimony

Learn to administer this gift from Holy Spirit to others.  Also covers different blockages people have from receiving.

Now's The Time for Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Sharing your faith with love and compassion and explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

Now's The Time To Share Jesus

Reach out in everyday life situations and share the Gospel by your actions as well as your words.  Great instruction!

Preach The Gospel

A powerful compilation of visions Dr. Joan experienced in the heavenlies.  This will help prepare you for what is coming soon!

Prophetic Dreams & Visions

A wonderful teaching about how to begin stepping out and experiencing the miracles of God.  Be bold and courageous!

Soaring Into Miracles

This teaching will change and encourage you to use ALL your God-given talents.  Another of Dr. Joan's heavenly visitations shared.

The Soul-Winner's Crown

This teaching will train you to walk so strongly in the realm of faith that you will have results!

Steps of Faith

Key principles taught in order to equip you to see God's dynamic power flow through you to others.

The Supernatural

Let this teaching thrust you out into the harvest field for souls!  Great instruction.

Time for Harvest!

Drawing you into an intimacy with God greater than you ever thought possible!

To Know God's Love

Get ready to go to the next level!  Journey through Acts with Dr. Joan as she raises you to a higher walk in the divine power of God!

Walk in the Book of Acts.  (SERIES)

So many Believers wonder what God's plan and purpose is for their life.  This teaching opens your eyes!

What Do You Want?

This series will impact and transform your life as you learn from Dr. Joan vital Biblical keys to functioning "naturally" supernatural.

When The Supernatural Becomes Natural


Another of Dr. Joan's exciting visions preparing you for what is coming.  God does not want you to be caught off guard.

Words of Prophecy

You are a Child of God and have precious gifts locked inside of you.  It's time...

You Are A Chosen Vessel