Channel of Love


We work with small, medium & large churches to do miracle crusades/revivals, teach evangelism courses, and have Holy Spirit explosions where people experience the glory of God and see signs, wonders & miracles. ​

We also do city-wide outreaches such as street fairs, tent revivals and other events where we do massive food and clothing giveaways to help the less fortunate, and see multitudes come to Jesus. A part of this has been reaching out to various Native American Reservations.​ 

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In addition, since the year 2000 we have been providing a variety of ongoing support for certain food and clothing programs, training programs and orphanages located in the Philippines, Jamaica and Mexico.​

Among those who have especially touched our hearts are.....

CHILDREN – Orphaned, abandoned, left on city streets to fend for themselves, sleeping under bridges or in cardboard boxes, scrounging rotten food from garbage cans, dressed in filthy rags, sometimes found dead from food poisoning, neglect or violence. We are not only caring for their physical needs, but also helping to assure that they have adult supervisors to love them, work with them, and disciple them in Christ.

WIDOWS AND THE HOMELESS – Poor, sick, lonely, abandoned, hopeless, ignored, overlooked, and often even abused by those around them. We provide food they can take home, meals, clothing and loving support. We help see to it that there are people to lead them to Jesus and disciple them with love.