Channel of Love

What The Ministry Does

Dr. Joan Pearce is on television across the United States and internationally. She has authored several books, and many CD’s and DVD’s.

How Channel of Love Can Help the Churches

Joan and her husband Marty are truly fulfilling God’s great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel by:

  • Revivals in churches large and small
  • Crusades in Canada, the United States, the Philippines, India and Jamaica
  • Tent revivals, street fairs, and an array of different kinds of community outreaches
  • Support and ministry to orphans and widows in several countries
  • Speaking at schools, full gospel meetings, women’s retreats, bible colleges, Christian retreat centers, prisons, and other groups
  • Reaching the needs of people through food, clothing, and furniture give-a-ways.
  • Working with leaders and congregations to develop harmony in reaching their communities and experience church growth

Evangelist Joan Pearce is powerfully anointed by God and operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit... for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry... Eph. 4:12

Pastors and leaders, our hearts desire is to be a blessing to you. We offer the following meetings, workshops and seminars to assist you in equipping your saints:

The Holy Spirit School of Evangelism: Joan teaches and trains your congregation how to step out and do life-style evangelism among their neighbors and coworkers. Joan will take them out to do a variety of outreaches where your members will get on-hands training that will last them a life-time.

Church Growth Seminars: Joan will work with your congregation so that they will learn how to serve God first, and learn to honor and respect their pastors and leadership. She will teach the church how to function in unity, helping them find their talents and giftings, so that when they work together it will cause church growth.

Tent Meetings/Revivals: Channel of Love has a tent that seats a thousand people. Joan and Marty can come and work with your church, along with others, to see the community reached for Jesus. These meetings do two things: 1) your members are used of God in their gifts and callings; and 2) newly saved people will be discipled and cause your church to grow.

Holy Spirit Explosions: Evangelist Joan will teach on the operations and manifestations of the Holy Spirit with demonstrations of God’s power and anointing. She will teach your people how to be sensitive to all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. She will allow time in several of the meetings to allow your members to step out and experience God using them. She will take them on outreaches where they will be able to pray for the sick and move in the gifts of the Spirit in hospitals, nursing homes, and take the power of God in to the community.

Miracle and Prophetic Services: These meetings are for the sick and hurting to have the opportunity to come into God’s presence to receive miracles, healing, salvation, deliverance, and a touch from God. These revival meetings can be from one day to two weeks or longer, to give God the glory and create and atmosphere of expectant faith.

Channel of Love Ministries is available to serve your church or your group. For more information or to schedule a meeting call: 941-405-3550.

Evangelist Joan Pearce was radically saved in 1977, and shortly afterwards moved to
Washington State. There she was greatly inspired and discipled
by the daughter and son-in-law of the late Evangelist John G. Lake. God asked Joan to do Bible Studies, even though she couldn’t read. Joan recognized God’s hand was on her, and that He was calling her into ministry.

Her heart cry is for souls and to fulfill Luke 4:18–19, “to preach the gospel to the poor,” heal the brokenhearted, and bring healing and freedom to the hurting and oppressed – “to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

Since 1983 Joan has been in full-time ministry. Today she and Marty continue to minister, across the United States and overseas.

They spearhead “God is Taking the City” campaigns, seeing churches come together in unity to evangelize their cities.

They also do revivals, church meetings, and city-wide crusades where thousands come to Jesus.

Part of Joan and Marty’s ministry is to teach practical evangelism classes and to conduct Holy Spirit Miracle Services where there are many notable and creative miracles.

They have a heart to feed and clothe the needy and have ministered to the poor throughout the world.

Joan is on international TV across the United States.

Joan and Marty are fulfilling God’s great commission to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15.)

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