Channel of Love Ministries International is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization with the desire to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  All contributions are tax deductible.  Thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry!
Channel of Love
Ministries ​International
Channel of Love
Ministries ​International
Our total mission is to assist you in implementing your God-given vision for your congregation. We are available to assist churches large and small. “The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few....” Matthew 9:37

​​You are invited to pray as you view the material below and see the variety of helps we offer.

​​We conduct Revival Meetings where the manifestations and operation of the Holy Spirit flow – where the power of God will stir up your Congregation and where there will be salvations, healings, and prophecies.

​​We conduct Holy Spirit Schools of Evangelism where your Congregation will be taught the Gifts of the Spirit and see a demonstration of the operations of the Holy Spirit. They will learn to hear God’s voice, and how to step out and be used by the Holy Spirit in their everyday life.

​​We conduct Evangelism Schools for equipping the Saints for Soul Winning. A variety of ways to evangelize will be taught. Your Congregation will learn Scriptures and how to present the Gospel in a simple way. A short outreach where the participants take what they have learned out into the community can be included if you wish.

​​We offer focused, practical hands-on teaching and training through our School of Ministry, Tent Revivals and Mission Trips
, plus a variety of community events and outreaches. We will work with you to assure that your church event gets maximum results.

​​We invite you to Contact Us for scheduling and more information. Contact Joan at 941-405-3550 or send an email to, providing basic information and your cell phone or other personal number to reach you, Joan will call you and speak to you personally.

​​Information for Scheduling

​​Channel of Love Ministries operates by Faith. We accept a free will love offering. We ask that the church be led by God, in giving a good offering. We ask that our travel expenses, lodging and meals be provided. Note – Many times we do several churches in an area, so that travel expenses can be split.

​​Call us for more details. We are truly looking forward to being a blessing to you and your Congregation. God bless you!
Joan Pearce is ordained through Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship, 1200 Glory Way Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34212 and also at New Testament Church, PO Box 90, Merrill, WI 54452.

​​Joan completed Bible College at the Northwest Bible Institute in Washington and received an associate degree, Then went on to Canon Bible College in Florida where she received a bachelors degree and an honorary doctorate degree.

​​Channel of Love Ministries Board: Joan Pearce - President, Marty Pearce - Vice President, Pat McLaughlin Secretary/ Treasurer,  Dr. Holman, Pastor, Merrill, WI.,  Anton Wellbrook, Pastor and Bible College, Poghkeepsie, NY.  Dick Taute, Businessman, Port Orchard, WA.

​Joan & Marty's pastoral covering is: Pastor John Pursell of Believer's Church of Madera, CA.

​​​​​The COLM Advisor is Pastor Ray Bernardes, Lord’s Fellowship Assembly of God Church, Vallejo, CA
Please click on the links below to download materials for your promotional needs.  Once downloaded, if the promo material is in DOC format it is time/location/date editable in Microsoft Word or other comparable software.  Material in PDF format is not editable.  Let us know if you need something that is not listed here.   Thank you!
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