Channel of Love



Upcoming Mission Trips and How To Join

We are so thankful that you are considering going on a mission trip with Channel of Love Ministries. We know that you will be investing time and finances for these mission trips, your life will be truly changed forever. Pray and seek God about joining us one or more of these mission trips.

Ways you will be used of God on a mission trip:
Here are some of the ways you will be used: Sing, play an instrument, be a clown, do skits, drama, or crafts that you want to share with the children to tell the story about Jesus. Bring any bracelets, small coloring books or other items to share with the children.
You will get opportunity to share your testimony, pray for sick, and share the gospel and lead people to Jesus. You will truly have the opportunity to let the Love and compassion of Jesus flow through you as the Holy Spirit will help you to minister to hurting people.

We are truly looking forward to working with you and seeing you blessed on this missions trip. Together we will work together to bring in a great harvest!


Seattle, WA July 18-22nd
TRINIDAD   Nov 29 - Dec 7