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Upcoming Missions Trip Details
                          2017  MISSION TRIPS and SCHOOLS 

These mission trips are all going to be so exciting and a blessing to you. Pray about coming. Call our missions director, Annette Myers, 408 807-7738. Please call her if you are planning on going any of these trips and she will help you co-ordinate flights and answer any questions you may have. Everyone is responsible for their own airfares.

​​Please do not make flight arrangements for any of these trips without first talking to Annette.  408-807-7738 or 530-385-1510.


Newburgh, New York  August 15-20

The cost of this Mission Trip is $25.00 per person this is just to help with gas for taking you back and forth.  You will pay for your own airfare to Stewart Airport (that's in Newburgh, NY)  We will be staying in peoples houses.  You will need to bring an air mattress, sheet, pillow, and blanket​​.  The activities are:  We will be canvassing in the streets for several days, organizIng food and games for the children, and much more.  Bring your God-given talents. We are planning a large event and we're expecting a great harvest.

Belize Mission Trip​​  October 25-31

You will be flying in to​​ BZE Philip Goldson International Airport the morning of October 25th and out on the 31st.  Before you book your ticket we need to get all the people that are coming to come into the airport at approximately the same time, so check with us before purchasing your ticket so we can give you the details.  We will be staying at a Christian Retreat Center.  All our meals , transportation, and housing is included in the cost of $250.00 per person.  We will be preaching in several churches, going to an orphanage, doing several events and outreaches.  You will have plenty of opportunity to share your testimony, pray for the sick and preach if you desire.  We will be contacting you after we know who is planning on coming and we will be sending you more information about the mission trip to Haiti. If you want to be used a lot I recommend you go to Belize, there will be much more opportunity on the Belize trip than on the Haiti trip.  NOTE:  If you are wanting to stay after the Mission Trip leaves on the 31st you will have to speak to Joan personally.  Channel of Love Ministries will not be responsible after the Mission Trip leaves.  You will be on your own for everything from the 31st after the Mission Trip leaves until you return home.

    CANCELLED    -   Haiti Mission Trip  November 8-14​​    -    CANCELLED

Looking forward to a wonderful mission trip for you.  Which one do you want to come to?  You might want to come to all of them, let us know.​​


SCHOOLS:   Covenant School of Ministry

April 20th & 21st  - Bradenton, Florida  Fly into Tampa, FL on the 19th and out on the 22nd. Chrisian Retreat Center at the Miracle Manner Hotel, 1200 Glory Way, Bradenton, FL 34212 Call Christian Retreat Center, 941 746-2882, for housing arrangements.

June 7th, 8th & 9th -  Gerber, CA  CA.  Starts Wed at 7PM. Thursday and Friday 10 AM - Teaching Sessions  & nightly at 7PM Miracle Services  
Held at Channel of Love Heaquarters, 400 Mariposa Way, Gerber, CA 96035

​You will be flying in to Sacramento, CA on the 6th and out of Sacramento, CA on the 10th. You will be staying in hotels. Call Annette for more details on housing and flight arrangements. 408-807-7738

​​The schools are free but we will be taking up a love offering. You will truly be blessed by these schools and learn how to be effective in sharing the love of Jesus, praying for the sick, and flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.